Saturday, November 04, 2006

James the genius

In a previous post we talked about James Thierrée (starring in the movie Bye Bye Blackbird).James is writer, director, acrobat, magician, mime, dancer, poet, aerialist...
I consider him the only living human being able to blend all those crafts (at their best) in the purest essence of Art.
His theatrical creations are a bridge between the past universe of silent movies, vaudeville and circus, and the actuality of the most accomplished contemporary stage expressions. Watching his shows, it makes me thinking of Charlie Chaplin going with Pina Bausch to spend a holiday into a Lewis Carroll book revised by Franz Kafka...
But, does those similarities really makes any sense?What is most beautiful, is that James' works, even is praised by critics worldwide, is completely immediate and anti-intellectual. They have the spontaneity and the genius of the children way of playing with universes, objects and living bodies.
James' first show was The Junebug Symphony created around 2000 (and recently available on DVD in France), followed by La Veillée des Abysses, still touring around the world with his talented company.James will create a new show in May 2007 at Theatre de la Ville in Paris, then on tour.
His parents (Jean Baptiste Thierrée and Victoria Chaplin) are occasionally still touring around the globe with their Invisible Circus; his sister Aurelia has her own stage creation Oratorio.
Waiting for James around you, enjoy here for the moment two pictures from La Veilleé des Abysses.


J Goodall said...

I have a question about Eloise. Please contact me.

Bud said...

Mr. De Ritis ;
I have gravitated here to your Blogsite out of Couriosity & Your European Style / Flavor via Buckles Blogsite . I am also interested in the Unique & Unusual Realms of Fine Art & the Performing Arts & there Set Design , Props , Costuming , Staging etc. along with having a strong interest in European Styles in general .
( such as Fellini's " CLOWNS " ,
" La Strada "," Amarcord " / Cavara's " Malamondo " / (?) " Blowup " / (?)" the Red Baloon " Cockteau's " Beauty & the Beast ", " the Blood of a Poet " / Guillermos del Toro's " the Devils Backbone " etc.)

These two Photos of James seam to be very fasinating & also a part of " the Space Age Performances " Pionering the Developing Future Movements in the Performing Arts .
I'm courious about " Mumenshunce "
I saw its astounding American 1977 debut in NYC & another version years later -
are they still active in Europe ?

Your Blogsite is fasinating
& a different Perspective from an American Viewpoint - it's very invigorating & invites many thoughts & questions that I would be concerned about .

I can be contacted at ;

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