Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Incredibly Strange Posters

Never surprising enough seems the imagination behind circus posters. And complicate indeed is to figure out the promise of this Spanish illustrations from the 50s.
Accumulation and intersection of references, beyhond space and time, have always been the bread of circus publicists. But even the finest poster connaisseur can hardly remember a sublime surrealistic achievement as this one.
The poster announces above: "a new version of the future world through the circus ring".
Space-age pulp stories were a post-war daily escape of the western world: why not in the cold-war Spain, under General Franco dictatorship?
And why don’t give the possibility to exist to an unknown breed of lions on some faraway galaxy? In a place where discover a perhaps better "new world", with perhaps better circuses?
Too bad that we'll probably never know more about "All'Scot the Cuellar and Space Girls".

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