Thursday, November 29, 2007

Celluloid Circuses

Web's bizarre b
est kept secret

A fresh new blog have been launched, appealing if you love the unique mixture between the unconfortable smell of the sawdust in a full lighted arena and the uncertain noise of a projection machine in a dark art house.
Faithful to those contrasting evocations, the blog is titled Circomelies, and deals with famous and infamous relations between movies and the circus: Chaplin to Jodorowsky, soviet circus to Lon Chaney, silent catalan pioneers to Fellini.
Excerpts to wiew, sometimes full movies, delicious lobby cards or stills to contemplate. Well, there's a lot to read too, of course, but the site is in Spanish: anyway, we're sure this is a minor problem, compared to the promising ever-growing cornucopia of curiosities.

Delight yourself:

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