Monday, January 28, 2008

Smoke Manipulations

Today we wish to talk about an immense performer.
He was more than a fakir. He was better than a magician. He was somehow a smoke manipulator, if such a category is allowed to exist in the enough extravagant taxonomy of show business. His technique was based on hiding and multiplying of lighted cigarettes: an imm ensely difficult task.
José Frakson, (1891-1981) from Spain, was one of the great last vaudeville headliner, of the golden age of Olympia in Paris or the Palace in Time Square. From the late 10s to the 40s, he witnessed the last era of the greatest hotel ballrooms in the world; when ballroom entertainment was a matter of class, elegance, original talent and real showmanship.

poster copyright N.Nielsen

Today, instead of capturing your gaze with our usual gallery, we invite you to take just three minutes of your time. Please, disconnect your telephones, obscure even the windows, try to do the possible to forget everything surrounding you. Travel through the time, relax yourself. You can choice to be in the Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Plaza; or in a Miami nightclub, at the Pierre hotel, or at the Wintergarten in Berlin. And, when ready, enjoy Frakson.

Video courtesy Marko magic archives

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