Thursday, October 23, 2008

Capitan Wall Gallery

We will never give up to swim into the past in search of one of our most beloved obsessions: crocodile hypnotizers.
Our analyst is still investigating about the reasons of this fascination of ours, that we sincerely hope you endure to appreciate.
Today is the turn of one of the most distinguished heroes in the field at the turn of last century: Capitan Wall. Unfortunately, moving footage doesn't seem to exist.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Of Clothes and Men

The forgotten and unique art of Gerard Sety

Quick-change artists have been a beloved feature of vaudeville, circuses and music-hall stages.
If two Italians must be credited to make of this a true art form worldwide (Leopoldo Fregoli in last century, pictured below, and Arturo Brachetti those days), other singular variations have been around.

Quick-change modern pioneer, Leopoldo fregoli (1900 ca.)

Among obscure rapidity skill of victorian impersonation, oriental mask transformers, papier-maché parodists, Russian walking fashion shows, some singular gem emerges.
One of those was Gerard Sety from France. Mr.Sety, who left this world in 1998, was a French movie actor whose dozens of popular film appearances are credited. But his non-screen identity was tied to an umbelievable cabaret stage act in which he completely revolved the concept of quick-change: in fact it is proper to classify it as a slow-change performer. His 10-minute piece, performed in any language, became in the crescendo an hallucynant masterpiece of pure dadaism.
We had somewhere a version of the act in his integrity, likely the last time in his life he performed it in TV. Even if in Italian language, we are sure that is perfectly enjoyable in his universal crazyness.
Ladies and gentleman, please admire the only and unique slow-change act in the history: Gerard Sety.

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