Saturday, October 14, 2006

About Enchantment and Wonder

"Magicians. They were true lords of the stage.
When the theatre was really theatre, able to enchant you with the pure theatricality".

This is a quote of Orson Welles I had forgot, and I found again today in some of my notes. He pronounced it on the opening sequence of his unfinished film, The Magic Show.

Look at this poster, his surreal, nonsensical beauty.
How deep is his promise of theatrical enchantment.

Now put yourself around 1910, walking on a street. And you see that around a corner.
You probably go to the local theatre and buy a ticket, to witness the "musical flight".

At this times, transmitting "wonder" was the main concern of artists and producers.
Where is that need of "enchant" gone today?
The point is not to be nostalgic, but to keep the intrinsecal potential of wonder of a performing arts.
Doesn't matter if the object is magic, dance, drama, circus or opera.

Maybe today theatre must regain some magic, and magic some theatricality.

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