Saturday, October 21, 2006

Forgotten Acts


The Great Aerial Cross from Which Ten of Europe's Most Amazing Athletes Fly Through Space From All Points of the Compass at Same Time in a Series of Unparalleled Forward and Reverse Flights and Dumbfounding Double Passes in Mid-Air.
(quote from Ringling.Bros progam magazine, 1935)

In 1934, the Otaris crossed the Ocean to star with Ringling Bros. Barnum-Bailey.
For"Greatest Show on Earth" was the Gumpertz time, so I don’t know if they was previously booked by John Ringling in some of his European visits. The lavish litho reproduced above was engraved for them.
I scanned a page from the 1935 Ringling program to show what a display it was, with the Concellos in a side ring…Look:
According the poster and the program, the Otaris act was mainly a matter of syncronized double passes. But what a sight…
I don’t know about them later.

In the 40’s, the “cross” flying trapeze act was used by the Croneras, and in the 50s by the large Togni family. Young Enis Togni used to be one of the flyers. In recent years, a similar combination was used by a Ringling troupe.
The idea of white tail suits was few years ago back for the high wire act of the Guerreros in Monte Carlo.

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hamelchristian said...

cher raffaele
je crois bien que le smoking blanc des funambules à Monte Carlo était porté , non pas par les guerreros mais par les Quiros.
bravo pour ton blog
Christian Hamel

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