Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bye Bye Blackbird

A circus movie was on world premiere in France last Wednesday.
It is Bye Bye Blackbird, directed by Robinson Savary ((at his first long feature) and starring James Thierrée. Maybe those names says something to you? Well, the director is son of Jerome, the founder of "Grand Magic Circus", and the star actor is the son of Jean-Baptiste, the founder of "Cirque Imaginaire".
I was invited to see the movie in a preview one year ago, when Robinson was showing it in some festivals around the world (and winning awards) in the attempt to find a market.
The film is stunningly beautiful.
It has all the richness of the turn of the century circus imagery, without the romantic stereotypes, with a fascinating and surreal dark side. The story is captivating and surprising.
The creative team is of the best class, including designers having worked with Terry Gilliams and other greats.
We will be back on this subject in the next days.
James (the grandson of Charlie Chaplin) created also an impressive aerial coreography, and is remarkable in the star role, and other great actors in the movie are Michael Londsdale and Derek Jacobi.
We hope the best success for the movie on the French screens.

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog on this movie - watched it yesterday as they are showcasing it in my country, Malaysia as part of a Film Festival. It's a beautiful movie.

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