Monday, October 22, 2007

Chelman on Genii

For those of you used to the secrets of conjuring, may be interesting give a glimpse to the October issue of Genii, perhaps the world's most prestigious magicians magazine. Here you can read my cover story interview "A Shaman among Magicians", that I wrote about about performer and collector Christian Chelman from Bruxelles. Cover and article are graced with photographs by talented Belgian artist Anne-Laure Jacquart.
Mr. Chelman interests are a bizarre convergence between theatrical magic, cryptozoology, supernatural, gambling, lost civilizations and fairy tales. We posted about him on this blog exactly (and strangely) one year ago, Oct.20, 2006.: you can search about him at that page of the blog; or, far better, visit his unique Museum of Supernatural History at
My guarantee, you've seen nothing as it before.

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