Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Poster Gallery: Indian Circuses

The most we know about circus in India is the famous photographic work of Mary Ellen Mark, that in the 90s was the subject of her beautiful book “Indian Circus”.
Some dozens of circuses travels in India today, with generic names as “Imperial, European, Continental, Royal, etc”. They are a combinatioin of mud and approximate clown make up, hippopotamuses and children performers, fourth-hand tents and dwarves motorcycle acrobats.

Today’s gallery is about their advertising.


manisha said...

you are right. thats pretty much all YOU know about indian circus! little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

Raffaele De Ritis said...

Exactly. Thanks for your comment, and eventually for enhance our knowledge properly in the future.
You are welcome with images, informations and corrections.

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