Friday, October 26, 2007

Mouth Juggling Legends

This man was called "El Gran Picaso".
Portrayed here in a rare early moment of his career in some Spanish circus, he became one of the main features of the night club life around the world. In the magic era between the 60s and the 70s, he was one of the truly great Las Vegas stars.
He became famous in the world as "the man who juggles with his mouth".
When I first saw him in some European circus I was a child: what I remeber was an unconfortable gasp in my small throat every time he juggled a ping pong ball from his mouth...

Today "Picaso" is happily retired; but his son Francisco inherited his act in the 90s with the stage name, obviously, of Picaso jr. I had the opportunity to stage his act for my Ringling-Barnum's "Kaleidoscape" production.
And from the publicity of this show is this magnificent photograph of this second-generation "mouth juggler".
You can see him today performing in Germany at Circus Roncalli (probably the world's most beautiful one).

And you can have today a chance to a look back to El Gran Picaso in the video below.
Enjoy, but don't try it.

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